Free crochet baby cardigan pattern





Here is a free pattern for you to try.

I used a size 4 crochet hook and double knit wool for the red and the grey cardigans. Whilst I tried a super soft organic cotton for the white one. All designs have been slightly adapted, so feel free to play around with different combinations. The red one has no button holes and is fastened with a big double satin ribbon. The grey cardigan has button holes (in the picture I have not sewn on the buttons yet … Couldn’t quite decide!) and the white cardigan has a scallop edge plus short sleeves finished again with a scallop edge. The possibilities are endless… So have a go at the basic design and then play! I would love to see your completed cardigans!

You can also order bespoke cardigans from my shop

The pattern for a newborn

Slip knot
Chain (ch) 50

Row 1
Treble (tr) into 4th ch from hook
Tr into every ch (47 sts)

Row 2
Ch 2
*1tr into next 4 sts, 2tr into 5th st (rep from * to end) (57 sts)

Row 3
Ch 2
*1tr into next 5 sts, 2tr into 6th st (rep from * to end) (67 sts)

Row 4
Ch 2
*1tr into next 6sts, 2tr into 7th st (rep from * to end) (77 sts))

Row 5
Ch 2
*1tr into next 7sts, 2tr into 8th st (rep from * to end) (87sts)

Row 6
Ch 2
*1tr into next 8sts, 2tr into 9th st (rep from * to end) (97 sts)

Row 7
Ch 2

Create a bobble
*Yarn over hook, Hook through 2nd st, Yarn over hook, (rep from * two more times)
Pull yarn through all sts on hook (7)
Yarn over, pull through st

Create a bobble again through same st.

*Ch 1, Miss three, 2 bobbles ( rep from * twice more)
Miss three, 1 bobble (3 1/2 bobble sets on the front)
Count 19
1 bobble into st
(this leaves a space for the armhole)

*ch 1, miss three, 2 bobbles (rep from * 7 times)
Count 19
1 bobble into st

*ch 1, miss three, 2 bobbles (rep from * 3 times to end) ch1 miss one st
1 tr into last st

So you should have 2 x 3 1/2 bobble sets on the front
1/2 bobble, 7 bobble sets, 1/2 bobble on the back plus two arm holes of 19 chains in each gap.

Row 8-16

Ch 2
*Miss three, 2 bobbles, ch 1(rep from * to end)
Tr into last st

When the cardigan is the required length ch 1, turn, double chain (dc) around the edge into every st. Repeat.

I like to complete a third row of dc at the base of the cardigan to give a professional finish.
Fasten off and weave in loose thread.

Knot in yarn under arm to fasten the two bobbles together.
Row 1-7
1 really loose ch
*2 bobble into first st,ch1, miss three (rep from *) (6 sets of bobbles)
Slip stitch (ss) into first ch

Row 8&9
1ch, dc into every st, ss into 1st st
Fasten off and repeat on other sleeve.

This pattern has no button holes as I used a ribbon at the waist through two tr.

How to create button holes

On the second round of dc when you reach the desired side for button holes all you do is sacrifice some 2 dc’s, ch 3 instead and dc into 2nd ch from hook for as many buttonholes as you require.

Now I think you will need to stock up on wool as this is a lovely little design.

To make larger cardigans

All I do for slightly larger and looser designs is increase the size of my hook and yarn.

You can also add multiples of six to enlarge the design. This is due to the design requiring two extra bobbles (one for each side to keep it even).

Enjoy and let me know how you get on :)


Look look look!

I am sooooo happy, other bloggers are using my patterns and sharing their creations with me! I am sooooo happy!


And look at this beauty


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