Technology and me

Only three days ago I was oblivious to all the technology that is available to unite with people all over the world. In this short space of time I have bought an iPad … Signed up to

Twitter … @kawaiiblythe
Facebook … Kawaii Blythe
Wordpress blog …
Etsy … Kawaiiblythe
eBay … Kawaiiblythe
Flickr … Hopefully to be sorted soon as for some reason iPads don’t work with flash (rumoured to be that apple fell out with adobe … And thus no Flickr…. Boo hiss boo!)

I am shocked at how quick and easy it is to connect with people.

Who would have thought that on Sunday I would have been sitting in my local bar at 10pm with my IPad and a glass of blackcurrant and lemonade talking to a wonderful person on Facebook in California!!!


So far I have had

72 views of this blog
31 followers on twitter (remember I will be running a competition when I get 100)
212 friends on Facebook

All in three days!

I wonder what next week will bring?

Free crochet hat pattern for Premature babies

Free premature babies crochet hat pattern


This is a simply adorable and highly addictive crochet pattern … I can assure you will be hooked 🙂

So here it goes, Enjoy!

I use a size 4mm crochet hook and 4 ply baby yarn or cotton. I have experimented with other yarns and hooks, but I think this is a perfect combo.

Create a slip knot and chain (ch) 2

6 double crochet (dc) into second ch from hook

Slip stitch (ss) into first dc, ch 1 (6 stitches)

2dc into each st (12 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

*1dc into first st, 2dc into 2nd st (rep from *) (18 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

*1 dc into 1st and 2nd st, 2dc into 3rd st (rep from *) (24 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

*1 dc into 1st, 2nd and 3rd st (rep from *) (30 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

This is the bit where I play around a bit with different stitches. The one in the pattern starts with 3 rounds of dc into each stitch followed by 2 rounds of trebles and 2 more rounds of dc into each stitch. ( I hope that makes sense!)

I also put a tiny chain scallop edge around the bottom.

You do this by

*Ch 3 miss 2 stitches ss into 3rd stitch (rep from *)

You can scallop the edge more by chaining more stitches but still ss into every 3rd stitch.

Don’t be afraid of making up your own combo’s … I will update this pattern with more photos of various yarns, stitch combinations and hook sizes so you can choose the best one.