Technology and me

Only three days ago I was oblivious to all the technology that is available to unite with people all over the world. In this short space of time I have bought an iPad … Signed up to

Twitter … @kawaiiblythe
Facebook … Kawaii Blythe
Wordpress blog …
Etsy … Kawaiiblythe
eBay … Kawaiiblythe
Flickr … Hopefully to be sorted soon as for some reason iPads don’t work with flash (rumoured to be that apple fell out with adobe … And thus no Flickr…. Boo hiss boo!)

I am shocked at how quick and easy it is to connect with people.

Who would have thought that on Sunday I would have been sitting in my local bar at 10pm with my IPad and a glass of blackcurrant and lemonade talking to a wonderful person on Facebook in California!!!


So far I have had

72 views of this blog
31 followers on twitter (remember I will be running a competition when I get 100)
212 friends on Facebook

All in three days!

I wonder what next week will bring?

Kawaii Blythe

Hello World!

Well at least I hope it ends up that way… A bit hopefull, but you never know unless you aim high and try.

So at the moment I really do not know much about anything really … What a way to start!

I seem to have managed a complete u-turn in my life and I’m finally biting the bullet and pursuing a creative future.

I am new to blogging, Facebook pages, Etsy, EBay as a seller, twitter (I may have to try a little tweeting), and well everything technology based. This one day old iPad may just help me whilst delving into all of these potential communication highways!

What I am not new to is my absolute passion for crafting! Since the age of 5 I have been pottering around with a needle and thread. Ironically … By making dolls clothes … I remember my Aunty Jan giving me a carrier bag every month brimming with the most adorable scraps of fabric. I simply loved rummaging through the bag of goodies, heart racing and ideas overflowing! I distinctly remember making a white fitted shirt for my barbie … Looking at my Sylvanian Family and in my Mums button tin … Thinking why hasn’t she got any tiny buttons… Then taking them off my Sylvanian Family rabbits dungaree dress! Well needs must!

I continued crafting throughout my life. I was given a beautiful old Singer hand sewing machine with gilt work all over it by my Aunty Wendy at the age of 9. Beautiful precise stitches, the sound of the machine whirring away as I turn the handle. My own little world of creation.

I was devastated when they didn’t offer a G.C.S.E in Textiles at school, no reason …they just didn’t. There were many comments like ‘well what will you do with that qualification?’ It just made me more determined to create at home.

I’m rather academic and had some tests at school as I was such a high achiever … But my passion is firmly with the arts. ‘you’re wasting your IQ’ ‘well it is at 172 – so I’m sure I will not miss a few!’ ‘why don’t you be an accountant, doctor, lawyer, blah,blah, blah…’ I was adamant to do something I enjoyed … Fair enough I could whizz through mathematical equations (that was only so I could get out my art work to complete in the remainder of the time!) but it was not me.

When it came to choosing G.C.S.E’s I was seen as being insane … Art and Drama… I was adamant! No one was changing my mind! ‘ You can’t get a job with those qualifications!’ ‘… Your expected grade in drama is a G. ‘

If you tell me I can’t do something … I will prove I can!

So after getting an A* in both Art and Drama I went to college to study acting. 😀

Two weeks from choosing drama schools RADA, Brit School, Italia Conti etc. I decided to apply to LIPA … On the design course… WHHHHAAATTT??!?!!??? My lecturer gave me two weeks off college to compile a portfolio. Long story (cut short) (I’m sure I will waffle on at a later date!) I got an unconditional offer!

So what have I done with the art and drama … Costume designer for 5 years … Teacher for 6 years winning the North West Gold award for 5 consecutive years. I also appeared on Channel 4’s Thelma’s Gypsy Girls as a tutor. So not bad really.

Let’s see where this path leads me!


Free crochet hat pattern for Premature babies

Free premature babies crochet hat pattern


This is a simply adorable and highly addictive crochet pattern … I can assure you will be hooked 🙂

So here it goes, Enjoy!

I use a size 4mm crochet hook and 4 ply baby yarn or cotton. I have experimented with other yarns and hooks, but I think this is a perfect combo.

Create a slip knot and chain (ch) 2

6 double crochet (dc) into second ch from hook

Slip stitch (ss) into first dc, ch 1 (6 stitches)

2dc into each st (12 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

*1dc into first st, 2dc into 2nd st (rep from *) (18 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

*1 dc into 1st and 2nd st, 2dc into 3rd st (rep from *) (24 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

*1 dc into 1st, 2nd and 3rd st (rep from *) (30 stitches) ss into first st

Ch 1

This is the bit where I play around a bit with different stitches. The one in the pattern starts with 3 rounds of dc into each stitch followed by 2 rounds of trebles and 2 more rounds of dc into each stitch. ( I hope that makes sense!)

I also put a tiny chain scallop edge around the bottom.

You do this by

*Ch 3 miss 2 stitches ss into 3rd stitch (rep from *)

You can scallop the edge more by chaining more stitches but still ss into every 3rd stitch.

Don’t be afraid of making up your own combo’s … I will update this pattern with more photos of various yarns, stitch combinations and hook sizes so you can choose the best one.