About Selina Green

I am currently a freelance teacher of all things artsy and crafty.
After several years teaching at Wade Deacon High School (voted the best school in the United Kingdom by the TES) I decided it was time to expand my own learning and share my skills with a variety of different communities.
I decided that with generational learning on the decline it was time for me to step in and keep the arts and crafts world thriving in the community.
With a professional yet lighthearted approach, you will find learning a new craft not only fun and rewarding, but also a window to whole new way of relaxing and enjoying life.
If you are interested in broadening your creative portfolio, or learning a new skill, please do not hesitate to contact me either by telephone or email.

Many thanks Selina…

3 thoughts on “About Selina Green

  1. Thank you for the help with the yarn for the cardi pattern – I have had mostly great sucess – I realised once done that I used the wrong treble (us not uk – thats the problem with being closer to the us from new zealand!) a well next time. I am just whipping up a wee hat and will take a picture for you tomorrow in the daylight as my small thank you for the use of your pattern. I have really enjoyed making it and hope there to be more babys around for me to have more excusess to make futher cardis as gifts 🙂

  2. I think I’m missing something – I am wanting to send you the pic of my cardi but not having much luck attaching it to this box or finding a contact for you elsewhere – please let me know your email address and I will forward you my photo 🙂

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