Free crochet cardigan pattern … Slightly adapted for the ‘catwalk’!

I am loving this technological world!!!

My free crochet baby cardigan pattern is proving to be exceptionally popular and I absolutely love hearing from everyone that uses it!


Thank you so much everyone for all of the positive feedback!

Well, tonight I decided to adapt the sizing of the pattern …


Fu is such a poser! She absolutely loves it! I couldn’t take it off her, and when I did finally manage to … She sat there pawing at the tiny cardigan as if asking me to put it back on, the rolled onto her back in my arms, just like how I put it on her! Hehehe! Crazy kitty! X

So here are some pictures, bearing in mind it is dark and the flash on my iPhone was blinding Fu … She really wasn’t plotting to kill me!




I think I may have to make her a few more!

I also made To (Toe) a hoody as he is a boy, but its a tad too big for him, but, he is growing really fast … So in time he will be a model too! Bless x


Christmas Stocking Patterns


With Christmas fast approaching I have been a busy little elf working on some more patterns and tutorials.

I am currently adding them to my website so be sure to have a look! I will post again when they are ready to buy on my website 🙂

Large patchwork stockings and mini stocking garland. All fully lined!

Mini garland … You can have as many mini stockings as you like on the garland. I can also make coordinating, personalised and any colour way you like 🙂

Single mini stockings are great on the Christmas tree filled with candy canes and sweet treats!

I also crochet mini stockings 🙂

I will be selling the stocking via my website shop

Price guide for sewn stocking
Mini stocking £7
Three mini stockings on a garland £20
Each additional mini stocking to garland £5
Large stocking £20
LuxuryVelvet with fur trim
Mini stocking £10
Three mini stockings on a garland £30
Each additional stocking to garland £8
Large stocking £30
Extra options
Personalisation (embroidered name) £3
Appliqué £5
Fur trim £3

Make your own
With this kit you will learn how to make the stockings and have everything supplied. The patterns are designed to be reusable so you can purchase more fabric and get into elf mode!

Sewing pattern only £5
Sewing kit £20 (includes everything you need to make three small stockings or one large stocking)
Luxury sewing kit £30 (includes everything you need to make three small stockings or one large stocking out of luxury velvet and fur trim)

Price guide for Crochet Stockings
Mini stocking £5
Three mini stockings on garland £15
Each additional mini stocking £4

Make your own
Crochet pattern only £5
Crochet kit £15 (includes pattern, tutorial, hook, 3 mini balls of yarn – enough to create at least three stockings)

Some images of the crochet tutorial






I’m in the middle of writing up the sewing tutorial, but I will update when everything is up and running 🙂

Let me know what you think x