Free crochet cardigan pattern … Slightly adapted for the ‘catwalk’!

I am loving this technological world!!!

My free crochet baby cardigan pattern is proving to be exceptionally popular and I absolutely love hearing from everyone that uses it!


Thank you so much everyone for all of the positive feedback!

Well, tonight I decided to adapt the sizing of the pattern …


Fu is such a poser! She absolutely loves it! I couldn’t take it off her, and when I did finally manage to … She sat there pawing at the tiny cardigan as if asking me to put it back on, the rolled onto her back in my arms, just like how I put it on her! Hehehe! Crazy kitty! X

So here are some pictures, bearing in mind it is dark and the flash on my iPhone was blinding Fu … She really wasn’t plotting to kill me!




I think I may have to make her a few more!

I also made To (Toe) a hoody as he is a boy, but its a tad too big for him, but, he is growing really fast … So in time he will be a model too! Bless x