Busy, busy, busy! Creating a teddy bear sewing pattern

I have had such a fantastic and productive day today! I am really happy with what I have achieved and I am really excited about what I have planned for tomorrow!

My partner is AMAZING on photoshop… Seriously! I am in awe.. All the shortcuts and magic he can do on that program! I was a very slow learner… But he hung in there and helped me so much in creating my first PDF pattern!


I went to the printers at lunch today and I am so proud of how it has turned out! I have even had it printed on tracing paper so you can make sure your grain line is perfectly set, or if you have a patterned fabric it is perfectly aligned. It looks really professional! I don’t know why I am surprised by that as I am a professional! Hehehe!

I will be selling the PDF on my website , and tomorrow I will be making the teddy bear, taking photos and writing step by step instructions.

It seems as if I am having a very productive time and creative burst so, I intend to hang in there as long as it lasts … Hopefully I will achieve my ambition of publishing a craft book one day soon!


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