Free tutorial: how to make fabric yo-yo’s or Suffolk puffs


Fabric Yo-yo’s or Suffolk puffs as I call them are a lovely way to use up the little scraps of fabric you have left over from your textile projects. I have seen many different ways of using them and one of my favourites is to make them into statement jewellery.

So I have put together a little tutorial on how to make these quick and easy beauties 🙂

You will need
Scraps of fabric

Optional extras
Something circular to draw around and a pencil

Cut out a circle of fabric (you can draw around something circular to help)

Thread your needle in a matching colour (I used a contrasting colour so you could see what I am doing … Plus I wanted a contrast to sew the button on with.)

Tie a knot in the end of your thread.

Now… Think like a pixie …
Sew a tiny little equally sized running stitch around the outer edge, close but not too close as the fabric will fray later.

Go all the way round. As you can see it is pulling together already!

Pull gently on the thread easing the fabric into a gather

This is the part where most people panic and think they have failed! Don’t worry it’s meant to do this!

Flatten out the fabric and keep gently gathering until it is all pulled together as tight as can be. (This will vary deciding on what fabric you use.)

Add an embellishment to the centre. I have used a button here, but they look really nice with beads and sequins too! It’s all down to playing, experimenting and having fun!



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