It’s all in a days work

For the past few days I have been having a crochet indulge to say the least! I am finding it a bit tricky to sleep normal amounts at the moment and quite literally I am engrossed in crochet from 7 am until 1 am…. I just can’t put the hook down! My partner fears for his life when he has to ask to do normal daily routines like ‘ can we go food shopping?’ or ‘ can we have tea now … It’s 10pm!’ OOPSY! I turn into a demon or even worse a stroppy teenager!

Friends and family are supporting me in many ways as I mentioned in my post ‘appreciation’ … I have some great requests, and have been going through them merrily!

Teaching friends how to crochet … They are amazing! It started with just two of them and now we have a lovely group on the go! I am so proud of each and every one of them as they have committed to learning, developing and perfecting their new skill. They really have inspired me to be crafty again … Something I lost last year and avoided due to many reasons. I really should photograph their work as they have progressed sooooooo much and are producing really beautiful things!

Making amigurumi ponies
I have made three of these so far … This white and blue one, another one exactly the same only with pink hair and a pink body and pink hair with grey hooves one. I will make another one, a unicorn and possibly a Pegasus too this week. I also intend on writing up a pattern for them (you see I just free form the shapes I like and make it up as I go along!) I hope to sell both in my etsy shop soon 🙂 so watch this space … I will let you know when they are available.

Making amigurumi lions
Rar! I absolutely love him to pieces! He took around 20 hours to make as I kept re shaping him until I was happy and THE MANE!!!! Seriously! That was my life for a whole day! Strand by strand fastening in each one! But it was soooo worth it!

Writing my blog on crochet … Which obviously requires me to make a variety of goodies and then share pictures and tutorials.

Designing and making a beautiful bedding set … Baby Amelia is getting her cot in a few weeks, and in return for Amelia modelling my creations I am making a bedding set including all kinds …
Granny square blanket with scalloped edging
Granny square cushion
Granny square bumpers
Granny square blankey with teddy head
Flower garland
Star garland
Tulle canopy
Pom Pom mobile
Patchwork quilt with matching pillow (may have to sneak I some crochet edging! Hehehe!
Matching nappy bag
Matching curtains
Personalised bumper
Patchwork teddy

So far I have completed the top five items and have started the flower garland. I will upload the photos as soon as I have taken them. I may even squueeeezzzzeee in a tutorial on how to make the flowers 🙂


They include …
A variety of crochet baby cardigans … I have shared the pattern free on here, plus I will be selling the finished cardigans on my etsy soon. I will replace this sentence with a link to my shop when it is available.

I have also created new cardigan designs with a matching bonnet, both of which I am writing up 🙂




None of the cardigans have fastenings yet, but they will either have buttons or ribbons to finish the off 🙂


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