It has been a while since I have blogged due to a variety of reasons. Nearly two weeks ago my heart was broken as my darling giant rabbit passed away 😦 I miss her sooooo much and have been trying to deal with our loss xxx

I am sure she didn’t want to leave us and I am sure she had something to do with the coincidental blessing that has happened!

On the very same day we adopted some kittens that were found abandoned in a derelict house. My partners brother and some friends on his street heard the meowing and rescued them from the house, but they couldn’t keep them as they had babies. So our intentions were to take then to the RSPCA in the morning.

Let the fun commence!

Poooooo party! I have never gagged so much in my life! The kitties had really upset tummies and pooped in the carry case… Seriously… How much can a cat poop? We had two chocolate coated kittens in a tiny Toyota yaris … Quiiiiiicccckkkkk …. Windows down and drive faster!

I know that you are not supposed to bathe cats … But seriously, there was no other way!



We made them a play pen so they were not too scared by our huge home.


And then we decided to name them. My partner and I are veggie and the most apt name would obviously be To (pronounced Toe) and Fu … So yes we run around the house calling ‘Tofu’ 🙂

As the kittens were so young we didn’t know the sex, but as they are growing we have a boy (To … The white one) and a girl (Fu … The black one).


Due to the cats being abandoned they were really scraggy 😦 To had really sore scabby skin under his fur on his face, legs and paws. We have treated him and now he is much better with baldy patches, but the fur is growing back 🙂

We did say we would just get them better then take hem to be rehomed, however I think thy have chosen us and they are sooooo loving! When we are upset they purr so loud, the way they look at us it is as if they are saying thank you, or I love you, or it’s ok to be sad… They are our little angels xxxx







I think about our rabbit all the time and miss her dearly, but I have to appreciate the time we had with her and what we have now! When times are tough it is easy to give up, but now its my time to make a change… I can make positive changes, and I have been overwhelmed by the responses I have had to my free crochet patterns! I appreciate all of the positive feedback… The first thing I was floored by was how I got 123 views on ONE DAY!!!!! All over the world!

This is due to the wonderful Janette who shared my pattern on her blog after she had a go at making the cardigans. Really beautiful crochet! Thank you so much Janette!

Yesterday when I couldn’t sleep I checked my etsy and had a browse when I saw that I had my first convo! Woop woop! Colleen shared her beautiful baby set she had created from my pattern! I was over the moon to receive this gratitude and see how I can hav a positive impact on other people … The other side of the world! Truly awe inspiring!

These have sold already … And I’m not surprised! Beautiful! Here is a link to her website, so many beautiful crochet makes!
And Colleens facebook …

I feel as if things are on the up for me and I really should embrace everything. I have a few goals and feel that I can achieve everything I put my mind to. I am going to try my hardest to make all I want a reality 🙂 any help or advice wold be much appreciated 🙂

1.) to share my creativity.
I was a textiles teacher in a secondary school, and I love all things craft! I wish to teach adults how to crochet, knit, sew, embroider, and be all round creative geniuses! I also want to share free patterns and tutorials trough the world of blogging.

2.) to sell my creations.
at present I am loving crochet! Friends and family are being really supportive and encouraging me in every way they can! Anything from borrowing babies for photo shoots, to custom requests. I have an etsy shop which has a few Blythe capes on, plus I intend to list some of my crochet creations for babies over the next week or so.

3.) to publish a craft book.
this has always been an ambition of mine! I have nearly 300 craft books. My favourite has to be the Tilda range! I aspire to achieve the same! … This is where I need he most help! Hopefully my blog will eventually get me there!

So in short … This post today is a big thank you to everyone for your ongoing support! I really do appreciate all of you x



5 thoughts on “Appreciation

    • Thank you Hannah x
      They are doing really well, and I’m training them to be crochet kitties hehehe! I love how their HUGE personalities are developing! They are such fun! I love them dearly x

      • Haha well when your yarn is all over the place you might regret that one! Aww it’s always amazing to see how different they are! I have had three cats and all of them have been so different! x

    • Aw thank you for your condolences xxx I miss her dearly … Even though she didn’t make any noise, the place is so quiet and if fervent without her x

      The kittens are helping to distract us and they are thoroughly spoilt hehehe! It’s mad to think that they have only been here just over a week and a half! They have grown sooooo much already! It’s so fun having them in our lives! I will be sure to post more on them as thy grow up! As I type this actually … My partner is sketching Fu! It’s hilarious what he has done so far … You can really see her character! I will share the image when it is finished! 🙂

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