Free cross stitch pattern

So here it is … The next free pattern as promised.


It is not what I expected to be uploading as I was hoping for my Blythe dolls to have arrived by now. I am currently finding out that there are hefty customs charges from New Zealand!

I was hoping to be giving you a free Blythe clothing pattern … But I need to have the doll to ensure the correct sizing.

So for now I am uploading the first stage of my Kawaii cupcake cross stitch pattern.

You will need
14 count Aida
A range of embroidery silks ( feel free to use different colours)
Embroidery hoop (optional)
Embroidery needle

Cross stitch is a very easy craft which gets progressively more difficult with the more colours and shading. Some cross stitch patterns require half and quarter stitches too, plus you can also combine threads and shade too.

This pattern however is very easy with blocks of colour, no half or quarter stitches, no blending and no back stitching.

I will be adding step by step instructions as I complete my example, which means … Even if you have never done any cross stitching before you will be able to complete this design.

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