Technology and me

Only three days ago I was oblivious to all the technology that is available to unite with people all over the world. In this short space of time I have bought an iPad … Signed up to

Twitter … @kawaiiblythe
Facebook … Kawaii Blythe
Wordpress blog …
Etsy … Kawaiiblythe
eBay … Kawaiiblythe
Flickr … Hopefully to be sorted soon as for some reason iPads don’t work with flash (rumoured to be that apple fell out with adobe … And thus no Flickr…. Boo hiss boo!)

I am shocked at how quick and easy it is to connect with people.

Who would have thought that on Sunday I would have been sitting in my local bar at 10pm with my IPad and a glass of blackcurrant and lemonade talking to a wonderful person on Facebook in California!!!


So far I have had

72 views of this blog
31 followers on twitter (remember I will be running a competition when I get 100)
212 friends on Facebook

All in three days!

I wonder what next week will bring?


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